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Scheepvaart Museum 450,- 350,-  
The palace is situated on Dam Square in the centre of Amsterdam. It was originally built as the city hall for the burgomasters and magistrates of Amsterdam.<br>
The celebrated architect Jacob van Campen, who also had a hand in the building of Huis ten Bosch and Noordeinde in The Hague, took control of the project in 1648. <br>The entire building was constructed of white stone, though the weathering of the centuries has left none of it visible. Palace € 500,-  
The Waag (weigh house) in Gouda is one of many beautiful monuments in town and dates from 1668. During the summer, cheese is weighed here every thursday morning in an attractive ceremony drawing many tourists. Anyone interested or hungry can also take the opportunity to taste some authentic Gouda cheese.<br>The old weigh house of Gouda is also a cheese museum nowadays. Waag € 350,-  
Kaatsbaan Huis ter Kleef

The Kaatsbaan at Huis ter Kleef in Haarlem was built by Hendrik van Brederode around 1560. He was a close friend and ally of 'Willem van Oranje', and led the rebellion against the Spanish invaders in the turbulent year of 1566.

During the siege of Haarlem in 1573, Huis ter Kleef was largely destroyed by the Spaniards, whereas Hendrik's Kaatsbaan, a court which was used for playing an early form of tennis known as Real Tennis, was spared and used as a prison. This game was practiced until the second quarter of the 17th century, and the Kaatsbaan has since served as a farmhouse and in 1984 it was put into use as a canteen for one of the city's municipal departments.

The National Service for Archaeology, Cultural Landscape and Built Heritage (RACM) has recognized the Kaatsbaan as a unique building of great monumental value. If the plans of the Real Tennis Club Huis ter Kleef - to have the building restored so that it can be put to its original use - are realized, the Kaatsbaan will be the oldest covered tennis court in the world.

Blue Delft's exclusively made for Huis ter Kleef by KLM and Bols (not issued on board of KLM flights).

Kaatsbaan Huis ter Kleef, Kleverlaan 9, Haarlem, The Netherlands.
Open Monday - Friday 09.00 - 17.00, Sunday 10.30 - 16.00
For more information: Huis ter Kleef € 500,-  
House of Bols , mini made after the Museum in Paulus Potterstraat ,Amsterdam
It was originally made as a gift for the opening and later supplied to visitors.
Filled with the original Dutch young jenever.  House of Bols € 40,-  
Amsterdam, Unidentified house KLM miniature number 1 € 25,-  
Amsterdam, Restaurant D'Vijff Vlieghen,  Spuistraat 294  Amsterdam KLM miniature number 2 € 25,-  
Amsterdam, Unidentified house KLM miniature number 3 € 25,-  
Amsterdam, Keizersgracht 127 KLM miniature number 4 € 25,-  
Amsterdam, Unidentified house KLM miniature number 5 € 25,-  
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