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The Heineken brewery

This house was built in 1913 to replace the old Heineken brewery on Stadhouderskade in Amsterdam. Heineken had been at that address since the 1860's and its beer had already become world famous. Nevertheless, the start of the twentieth century heralded another spate of modernization and in 1910, Heineken's Board of Directors decided it was time for a new brewhouse.
Arie Heederik, an architect of Royal HaskoningDHV, was appointed to draw the plans.

The result was a robust yet elegant building with a facade that appeared to be crowned by two square towers. Its stained glass windows were some of the decorative features designed in contemporary art nouveau style. A large, prominently-placed, tiled plaque with the name of the brewery decorated the facade. Inside, copper kettles replaced the old wooden ones.

Today, the aroma of malt and hops has disappeared. The last bottles came off the bottling line of the brewery on Stadhouderskade in 1988.

By the time the Amsterdam brewery closed, about 90,000 people were visiting Heineken annually. 
Because Heineken wanted to continue this tradition, the buildings on Stadhouderskade were converted into visitors centre. Nowadays, the 1913 brewhouse is at the heart of the Heineken Experience.

Stadhouderskade 79
1072 AE Amsterdam KLM miniature number 95 50,- 40,-  
A replica of the house where Hendrick  Hamel was born, was built on the very same site as the original. This is now where visitors can get a sense of the life of this historic naval hero from Gorinchem.
Hendrick Hamel(1630-1692) was a Dutch Seafarer.In 1653 he was aboard De Sperwer,when it ran aground off the coast of the Korean Island of Jeju. The survivors were forbidden to leave the country because the Korean King did not want others having information about this country .It was not until 13 years later that Hendrick Hamel and seven others managed to escape.

During his time in Korea, Hamel had kept a detailed journal that became Europe’s sole source of information about that country for many years. For this reason ,he later became a famous person and was even honoured in Korea while being almost forgotten in the Netherlands.

The Hamel House is not only a museum but also a place where Dutch and Korean cultures come face to face.
Hamel House 
Kortendijk 67
4201 KS Gorinchem
KLM miniature number 96 50,- 40,-  
Hotel New York
Koninginnehoofd 1, Rotterdam

Hotel New York is situated in the former head office of the Holland America Line, also known as 'The Grand Old Lady'. From here thousands of emigrants left for North America, hoping for a better life. Nowadays, people come here to sleep, celebrate, eat, drink and do business in a special atmosphere.

            In earlier times, many Europeans escaped poverty and/or religious persecution by leaving from Rotterdam. These emigrants usually left for North America, hoping for a better life. In 1873 the NASM company was founded, officially renamed 'HollandAmerica Line' in 1896. In 1971, after more than 100 years of transporting passengers, the Nieuw Amsterdam left the city on the Maas for its last crossing. An important episode in Rotterdam's nautical history had come to an end.

            The building in which hotel New Yorkis situated was built in the Jugendstil style during the period 1901-1917 by the architects J. Muller, Droogleever Fortuin and C.B. van der Tak.

            In 1977 the Holland America Line's head office moved to Seattle and in 1984 the building on Wilhelmina Pier was put on sale. One fine day in the early nineties, a few people regarded the building from across the water. With its tall towers and spinning weathercock, the building seemed to say: KLM miniature number 97 60,- 40,-  
Parental home of Anthony Fokker

The home of the Fokker family was 'Kleine Houtweg 41' (now number 65), Haarlem. The semi-detached town house is believed to date back to 1791. The window on the ground floor (to the left of the front door) and the window above were part of the original house where Anthony Fokker grew up.

The frond loft on the second floor was KLM miniature number 98 60,- 50,-  
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Complete set 
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all together Complete set (1 - 98) + Waag + Palace + Book 2.400,- 1.700,-  
This is the new book with miniature 1 till 96. Book 'Little Kingdom by the Sea' 1-96 € 20,-  
Ever since the 1950s, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines has given away Delft Blue miniature houses to its royal class and business class passengers. These replicas of real monuments are considered worldwide to be an icon of the Netherlands. A beautifully finished ebook (in Dutch language) is now avaliable about these famous Delft Blue canal houses. Author Mark Zegeling looked behind their façades, offering a unique guide to 500 years of Dutch history and architecture. 
'Sterke Verhalen voor bij de borrel', or 'Tall stories about Hollands Golden Age' offers readers an exclusive peek into the lives of the people who have lived in the houses upon which the KLM collection is based; portraits of pioneers, bold adventurers and other colourful figures who made their mark on Dutch history. 
Extensive archive research and interviews with (architectural) historians and current residents of the centuries old properties have yielded a wealth of great anecdotes and unique and juicy stories. The tales are all based on fact, even though sometimes they seem too good to be true. The book consists of 432 pages and is richly illustrated with more than 1,900 (historical) photographs and paintings belonging to Dutch and international museums. Some of them belong to private collectors and have never been published before. 
This book will become available in english in october 2014, a Chinese and Japanese edition is scheduled for december. Book 'Sterke verhalen' € 30,-  
'Kingdom by the Sea' is a tribute to the people who left their mark on Dutch cultural heritage, and who lived in the houses which modelled for the KLM collection. The book is richly illustrated with more than 1.800 full colour photos, fine art and historic maps of cities across the Netherlands. 'Kingdom by the Sea' contains 448 full color pages, and is printed on high quality paper. It's a true gem to behold, a splendid addition to your collection KLM houses Luxurious Coffee Table Book - Kingdom By The Sea € 69,-  
Limited Edition of the high-end coffee table book 'Kingdom by the Sea' (only 250 copies were made) with a Delft blue porcelain (!) cover of infinite beauty. This world-exclusive comes with a certificate of authenticity. The Limited Edition is numbered and signed by the author. 'Kingdom by the Sea, a celebration of Dutch cultural heritage' is tribute to the people who left their mark on the development of the Netherlands, and who lived in the houses which modelled for the KLM collection. The book is richly illustrated with more than 1.800 full colour photos, fine art and historic maps of cities across the Netherlands. 'Kingdom by the Sea' contains 448 full color pages, and is printed on high quality paper. Limited Edition Kingdom By The Sea/porcelain cover € 240,-  
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